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BuySpeed™ is eProcurement Software Unsurpassed: Customizable, Configurable, Created for You

As procurement process experts, we have a deep understanding of the issues facing purchasing, IT, and finance professionals – the mounting strains on budget, personnel and technology change.

The BuySpeed™ eProcurement software suite provides the solution to overcome these challenges. Through our own extensive experience and collaboration with clients, BuySpeed™ products were developed by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals.

BuySpeed™ products have been architected and developed with the understanding that every organization is different. So, regardless of your operating systems, network environment or databases, BuySpeed™ supports your platform standards. And our highly configurable and adaptable software technology minimizes your IT staff’s involvement, while zeroing in on the goal at-hand: helping you purchase smarter.

From strategic sourcing to three-way match invoicing, every piece of the BuySpeed™ eProcurement software suite works to create a procurement process of efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use, especially for you.

BuySpeed™ eProcurement

BuySpeed™ eProcurement is our best-of-the-best procure-to-pay solution, which includes procurement software, NIGP coding, sourcing, receiving, vendor registration and management, bidding, quotes, accounts payable, government-to-business punch-outs, and requisitioning – all web-enabled, all fully integrated.

Tucson success

Our eProcurement solution features:

  • Customizable vendor management (registration, bidding, POs)
  • De-centralized informal quote support
  • Pre-encumbrance, encumbrance and expense control
  • Out-of-the-box account code support
  • Configurable approval paths
  • Built-in requisition/bid/PO support
  • Change order support with vendor notification
  • Robust receipt functionality

Our eProcurement solution benefits:

  • Get set up quickly and make sure you’re in compliance with your procurement rules with BuySpeed™’s ‘req-to-check’ fully integrated, highly configurable solution.
  • Eliminate manual processing and expenses related to solicitation and purchase-order delivery with our self-service vendor module. It lets vendors do their own profile maintenance, electronic quoting, and purchase-order/change-order pickup.
  • Create transparency and enhance accountability with BuySpeed™’s built-in audit trails, tied to workflows and document processing.

"The BuySpeed™ solution provided by Periscope has enabled our organization to provide our customers, our contractors and our staff a turn-key procurement solution. Not only has the system allowed us to process our work more efficiently and effectively, it has provided us a tool to support a more strategic procurement direction."

– Marcheta Gillespie
C.P.M., CPPB, Deputy Director of Procurement
City of Tucson

How can our eProcurement solution meet your particular purchasing needs?

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BuySpeed™ Sourcing

BuySpeed™ Sourcing offers strong catalog, solicitation and contracting solutions to facilitate and manage strategic sourcing. Strategic sourcing begins with the solicitation process, including electronic quoting and real-time bid tabulation, which is then integrated with the contracts and purchasing modules for robust sourcing support.

Colorado success

Our sourcing solution features:

  • Complete release/contract control
  • Spending control and enforcement
  • Real-time bid tabulation
  • Customizable solicitation evaluation
  • Dual approval path support on solicitations
  • Lock-boxing of electronic quote responses
  • Full support of RFP, RFI, RFQ, ITB and Reverse Auction

Our sourcing solution benefits:

  • Determine the level of formality necessary for each individual solicitation through our configurable solicitation process. And secure solicitation and award integrity with our lock-box formal process.
  • Create transparency and enhance accountability with BuySpeed™’s rigorous audit trails in both solicitation and contract amendments.
  • Ensure spending rules are followed and you spend only what’s authorized using our contract module.

"Our financial system focuses on paying vendors, not managing solicitations with them. Prior to BuySpeed, we had to develop and support our own systems and applications to maintain vendor commodity codes and bids."

– Jim O'Neill
CPPO, FNIGP, Director of Purchasing
City of Ft. Collins

How can our Sourcing solution help you strengthen and control your spending?

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BuySpeed™ eCatalog

BuySpeed™ eCatalog is our e-requisitioning and cataloging solution. Whether you want to web-enable your legacy purchasing system, or need a solution that provides baseline functionality for e-requisitioning from contracts or punch-out vendors, our solution will work for you.

New Orleans success

Our eCatalog solution features:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Standards-based XML/G2B punch-out transactions support
  • Multi-organization capability

Our eCatalog solution benefits:

  • Leverage your investment in your legacy procurement system by web-enabling your front end.
  • Eliminate maverick spending and enforce spend through your pre-negotiated contracts by quickly bringing up vendors with BuySpeed™’s standards-based G2B punch-out technology.
  • Aggregate and gain greater purchasing power with our multi-organization capability.

"We’ve cut purchasing time for office supplies by at least 85 percent and made it easy to use for our departments. Once again, Periscope has enabled innovation in our purchasing like we’ve never seen before."

– Andrée Cohen
Purchasing Administrator
City of New Orleans

How can our eCatalog solution help you improve your requisitioning and cataloging?

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BuySpeed™ Inventory

BuySpeed™ Inventory is a full-featured inventory module that offers robust transactional support for issues, adjustments, cycle counts, transfers and returns. This solution integrates seamlessly with BuySpeed™ Sourcing and BuySpeed™ eProcurement, extending functionality to include requisitioning from inventory and replenishment of inventory.

Alaska success

Our inventory solution features:

  • Full control of replenishment method
  • Vendor selection for solicitations
  • HAZMAT and FEMA designations
  • Setup and maintenance of multiple warehouses capability
  • Evaluation of debits/credits against inventory budgets
  • FIFO, LIFO and Average Cost inventory valuation methods

Our inventory solution benefits:

  • Reduce maverick spending by letting our solution present stock items first and encourage inventory releases.
  • Decide whether to replenish from contracts or solicit from outside sources, thanks to full integration with BuySpeed™ Sourcing and BuySpeed™ eProcurement. Conduct detailed spend analysis and analytical reporting by coding contracts and stock items to the NIGP 11-digit code.
  • Ensure replenishment is managed by your procurement experts, while inventory management is performed by your inventory specialists, through our role-based security – it separates stock replenishment from the management and request fulfillment from inventory.

"In the past, we had to go to great lengths to provide the vessels with catalogs for inventory items, which were almost immediately outdated. Now, with no effort on the part of the purchasing and warehouse staff, the most up-to-date stock item list is available to the crews."

– Charlie Deininger
Department Supply Chief
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

How can our Inventory solution help you overcome your requisitioning and replenishment challenges?

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BuySpeed™ Invoicing

BuySpeed™ Invoicing, our AP solution, supports a three-way match including the purchase order and the receipt. This solution incorporates real-time validation routines, ensuring you pay for only goods and services you have actually received. Tight integration with BuySpeed™ eProcurement ensures that invoice time adjustments are applied to the purchase order, too.

Baltimore success

Our invoicing solution features:

  • Three-way matching with purchase order and receipt transaction
  • Real-time revisions during matching process
  • Separation of invoice entry and approval prior to invoice completion

Our invoicing solution benefits:

  • Create consistency within the invoicing process, eliminate errors and prevent the possibility of overpaying or exceeding purchasing authority – all due to our full integration with BuySpeed™ eProcurement.
  • Generate invoices efficiently with BuySpeed™’s easy-to-use interface, while conducting critical checks against the purchase order, receiving records and vendor payment terms.
  • Promote transparency and accountability on every transaction through our role-based security – it separates invoice entry and approval from purchasing activity.

"Our process prior to BuySpeed consisted of paper transactions. It was hard for us to track what was being purchased, where documents were in the process and where we can reduce costs for the things we were buying. With BuySpeed, we access all of our PO’s in one place, see payment status and ultimately provide better transparency into the City’s spending for all taxpayers."

– Bill Irish
Purchasing Agent
City of Baltimore

How can our Invoicing solution help you create consistent and correct invoicing quickly?

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BuySpeed™ Business Intelligence & Reporting

BuySpeed™ Business Intelligence & Reporting is the latest addition to our BuySpeed™ suite. This full-featured platform has been integrated with BuySpeed™ eProcurement, extending the solution’s already rich toolset with pixel-perfect reporting, ad hoc capabilities, crosstabs, dashboards, and data cubing – all seamlessly integrated and available at the click of a button.

Virginia success

Our Business Intelligence & Reporting solution features:

  • Full integration with BuySpeed™ eProcurement module
  • Create queries to convert to published reports
  • Scheduling and delivery of standard reports
  • Convert any report into a dashboard
  • Cross-tab and analytical report generation capability

Our Business Intelligence & Reporting solution benefits:

  • Optimize your budget dollars with the purchasing data we put at your fingertips, so you can analyze spending and identify strategic sourcing opportunities.
  • Have the right information in your hands fast with BuySpeed™’s ad hoc capabilities for data transparency and self-service features.  
  • Deliver management reports directly to your decision-makers through BuySpeed™’s built-in scheduler.  
  • Satisfy your Key Primary Indicators by producing analytical reports.

"BuySpeed is a robust purchasing software solution that was built by people who really understand public procurement."

– A BuySpeed Customer
Virginia Beach City Public Schools

How can our Business Intelligence & Reporting solution help you promote transparency and accountability throughout your procurement processes?

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BuySpeed™ Integration

BuySpeed™ Integration works within the BuySpeed™ Suite to manage communications with the core financial system. This solution, using industry-accepted standards, is designed to provide consistency in accounting functions, standard data formats and integration. Like all modules in the BuySpeed™ Suite, the high-level functionality of this solution can be customized based on the requirements of individual financial systems. In addition, this solution provides the ability to integrate purchasing data with other operational systems, including maintenance management systems, work order systems and asset management systems.

Virginia success

Our Integration solution features:

  • Budget and account code validation
  • Account code lookup
  • Vendor information and address storage
  • Pre-encumbrance and encumbrance tracking
  • Encumbrance change order configuration and support
  • Invoice entry and vouchers payable transaction tracking
  • Integration with inventory systems for inventory accounting
  • Presentation of purchase data for asset and maintenance tracking

Our Integration solution benefits:

  • Eliminate paper between receiving, accounts payable and procurement resulting in significant increases in productivity.
  • Eliminate “double entry” into multiple systems resulting in a reduction in the number of errors and increased accuracy.
  • Implement automated accounting and budget validations on requisitions and purchase orders before processing.
  • Better leverage early payment discount policies with applicable vendors.
  • Strengthen consistency and flow of data between purchasing systems and asset/maintenance management systems, while reducing manual entry and improving operational effectiveness.

"The City of Fort Lauderdale has worked in partnership with Periscope Holdings, Inc. for over 10 years, utilizing its procurement products to support our business processes. Most recently, we implemented a real-time integration from BuySpeed Online to the City's financial system. This was a large and complex undertaking, made successful through the flexibility and support we get from Periscope."

– Kirk Buffington
Director of Procurement Services
City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

How can our Integration solution help you enhance and simplify your financial system?

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No RFP Required When You Go DIRect

Go DIRectDIRect is a State of Texas program for IT goods, administered by the Department of Information Resources (DIR). DIR has contracted with hardware, software, and technology services vendors and negotiated favorable pricing for their products and services. Their goods have met all State of Texas purchasing requirements, rendering the typical request-for-proposal process unnecessary. This favorable pricing is available to all state agencies, as well as local, public education and other entities.

Click here for more information on the Texas DIR ICT Co-Op Contract Program.

Click here for the Texas DIR ICT Co-Op Contract Program Overview..

Click here for the Texas DIR-Periscope Holdings, Inc. Contract.


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